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Information on Hyperthyroid conditions

The follow information relates to hyperthyroid conditions - a condition where the thyroid produces an excess of T3 or T4. Hyperthyroid conditions are also often accompanied by some form of autoimmune disorder. To read more about Autoimmune Thyroid disorders please visit the Autoimmune Thyroid Disorder page.

What I would like to specificly address is the question "Why?".

Why does the thyroid become hyperactive and what can be done about it?

We have found that the following factors may contribute to hyperthyroid disorders:

  1. An excessive intake of iodine from iodized salt or have way too much kelp and/or an inadequacy of zinc and B6 and selenium which are essential for the conversion of T4 to T3.
  2. Thyroid nodules secrete excess thyroid hormones. In this case you would quite likely have either a viral or Candida infection and/or excess toxicity in the body—which may be causing the nodules to arise .
  3. TSI or thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin binds to the surface of thyroid cells—the TSH receptors—and stimulates the thyroid to overproduce thyroid hormones. This is referred to as Thyrotoxicosis and is probably an autoimmune disease. Based on what we have seen in a clinical environment this is most likely caused by a viral infection which is generally due to elevated copper levels, depressed zinc and B6, and a depressed immune system. The Liver is also commonly in need of detoxification in this situation.
  4. A deficiency of Vitamin C and/or Vitamin E may cause rapid multiplication of thyroid cells with elevated TSH causing excess thyroid hormone output.

Possible Solutions:
It would be a good idea to have a competent therapist test you by kinesiology—or some other effective means—for deficiencies of Vitamins A, C, E and B. Some researchers suggest there may be prevalent Vitamin D deficiencies. Most of our vitamin D supply comes from the skin when it is exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Sunlight stimulates the conversion of Ergosterol and the 7-Dehydrocholesterol form of Cholesterol into D2 and D3 forms of Vitamin D. Boron may be essential for this converion to take place.

Synthetic Vitamin D has been shown to be toxic when over a long period of time and is a recommended solution for Vitamin D deficency. Check minerals, especially zinc/B6, magnesium, copper and manganese. Supplement those that are deficient.

Following the Thyrdoid & Hormone Regeneration Program will help to eliminate any pathogenic organisms residing in the body and help restore normal thyroid function.

Incorporate a Biogenic nutritional program into your lifestyle. We believe it is vital that people with thyroid and immune disorders do whatever they can to start learning about what nutrition really means and the ways in which one can assure their getting what the body needs..

Supplement with Chlorella or Barley grass, a good super-food greens formula, and consider a temporary supplementation of Selenium A-C-E to overcome deficiencies or these vitamins.

Use Thyrodine for restoring thyroid function.

Consideration: Gland destruction through surgery, radioactive iodine or other suppressive drugs is a tacit admission of failure to understand the physiology of thyroid function. Gland destruction does not address the cause of the problem and creates massive hormonal instability which may be irreversible. If you have had your thyroid removed or distroyed then many of the above suggestions may be of no use.

To learn more about the Thyroid & Hormone Regeneration Program and what it involves please Click Here.

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