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Information pertaining to conditions of

This page is part of the many pages of information pertaining to thyroid disorders. On this page is information particular to a hypothyroid condition, or hypothyroidism and hyperthyroid symptoms. The most frequent dysfunction of the thyroid gland is hypothyroidism or an inadequate production of thyroid hormones.

If you think or know that you suffer from hypothyroidism then there is one crucial question to explore. The the crucial question regarding hypothyroidism that needs to be asked at this point is "why do I have an inadequacy of thyroid hormone?"

"What is present in my body, or what is missing that permits my thyroid to produce inadequate amounts of thyroid hormones?"

The question is not "what can I take to deal with the symptoms", but rather "what can I do to rectify the cause?"

In our years of thyroid related experience we have found that the answer to these crucial questions have 5 considerations:

  1. A simple lack of T4 is due to an iodine and mineral deficiency. The thyroid requires iodine + B1, B2, B5, B6, boron, magnesium, manganese, selenium, copper, glutamine, tyrosine, trace elements to synthesize T4 [thyroxine] in the correct amounts necessary to maintain optimal metabolic functions.

    What's an answer to this?:
    InSpired Nutritionals™ is making a completely natural formula available worldwide that does just that—It supplies all the necessary nutritional factors that are required to restore and maintain adequate thyroid function. It is called Thyrodine™® and is available directly from a secure online store. Thyrodine has been developed and used in a Natural Health Clinic in New Zealand to successfully restore thyroid function for over 25 years.
  2. A compromised conversion of T4 to T3 - T3 or tri-iodo-thyronine, considered to be 'the' active form of thyroid hormone can be compromised due to a deficiency of zinc, selenium and B6, and possibly trace elements.

    What can you do about this?:
    Thyrodine supplies a special bioavailable form of iodine, along with zinc, selenium and B6, plus the other needed elements to insure adequate synthesis of T4 and its conversion to T3. These are supplied in their proper ratios needed by your body. By 'bioavailable' I mean that it is in a form that the body can utilise fully and more effectively than most of the common forms of iodine made available.
  3. Free radicals are unstable toxic compounds produced by oxidation with the loss of an electron during normal metabolism. Their presence is increased greatly by eating processed foods, polyunsaturated fats or sugar (junk foods), toxic chemicals in food or spray residues on food, polluted air and water. Like a gang of thieves, they run through your body stealing electrons from healthy cells, causing you to age faster and increasing the risk of most inflammatory and degenerative diseases, including arthritis and cancer.

    Excessive free radicals can compromise or even destroy thyroid tissue. Free radicals are produced by the consumption of coffee, alcohol, nicotine, drugs, junk food, all oils except cold pressed extra virgin olive oil or cold pressed coconut oil, sausages, hamburgers, most animal products, radiation (x-rays, scans, mammograms, computers, TV, microwaves, power lines, radio towers, cell phones), stressful/dysfunctional relationships, distress, pollution, smog, mercury amalgam dental fillings, chlorinated or fluoridated water, grossly excessive sun exposure, most commercial 'sun screens'—to simply name the most common sources of free radicals and various potentially harmful toxins. All these metabolic "assaults" produce mega quantities of free radicals, which may impede thyroid function and accelerate degeneration within the body.

    Is there an answer to this?
    You bet there is. A major step—and a very empowering one, although it can seem a little overwhelming at first—is to reduce or eliminate the sources of free radicals by identifying them from the above list. Another important step is to learn about and then incorporate into your lifestyle a 'Biogenic nutritional program'. It can also be a good idea to supplement your diet with high quality, natural antioxidants. The most active and effective anti-oxidants appear to be herbs and certain herbal/plant extracts. Especially: rosemary, sage, ginger, ginkgo biloba, calendula, silybum marianum (milk thistle seed extract), bilberry, curcumin (fresh or powered turmeric), and also grape seed extract, pine bark extract, vitamins A-C-E (vitamin C is best taken as 'mineral ascorbates'), selenium, magnesium, and manganese.
  4. Auto-Immune Diseases, Hashimoto's: It has been strongly suggested that Hashimoto's is caused by latent or active viral or yeast infections such as Epstein-Barr Virus or Candida Albicans. These pathogens destroy mucous surfaces and cause anti-bodies to the host to be synthesized.

    The answer?
    For this InSpired Nutritionals™ has included their incredible Anti-Pathogenic Protocol into the Thyroid & Hormone Regeneration Program. This is designed and used to effectively eliminate all pathogenic organisms, including Candida from the body. Then take Immune Herbs to stimulate greater immunity. Then Thyrodine can restore thyroid function, aided by a Biogenic Nutritional Program.
  5. Gland destruction due to drugs, surgery, radioactive iodine or other medical procedures. Fortunately, most glands regenerate themselves in time if given the right opportunity. If there is not gland at all left in the body then regeneration might be rather difficult.

    Our Clinical Solution:
    To make the most of your body's power to regenerate we would recommend the following: being free of all drug use; understanding and following a 'Biogenic nutritional program'; perhaps completing a detoxification regimen—which might become a regular event such as once or twice a year; taking concentrated nutritional elements such as chlorella or Barley Grass—best taken long term; making use of a unipolar permanent magnet over the thyroid gland area (as directed in the 'magnetic therapy' info that is readily available in books and on the net). Then if tissue regeneration occurs the use of Thyrodine may help stimulate the new glandular tissue to synthesize thyroid hormone.

Summary of hypothyroidism

We have concluded after more than 20 years working with Thyroid Disorders that the condition known as hypothyroidism is characterized by an inadequate secretion of T4, thyroxine and/or an inability to convert T4 to T3, tri-iodo-thyronine, the active hormone. This is due to deficiencies of key nutrients such as; iodine, zinc, B1, B2, B5, B6, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids. The following table will summarize the data causing hypothyroidism and the solution to the problem.

To learn more about the Thyroid & Hormone Regeneration Program and what it involves please Click Here.
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