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What about Thyroxine® & thyroid disorders?

Thyroxine® or any of the other synthetic hormones are said to be "identical" to the natural hormones but they are NOT!

Being laboratory creations these drugs are 'similar to' but not the same as the hormones and chemicals produced by the body. They do not have the same biological activity and do not support thyroid activity except for short bursts. They, like all drugs, are always harmful when used long term. They tend to contribute to glandular atrophy.

Medically trained personnel are 'educated' to use pharmaceutical products. They are not educated about health and healing. Rather their education focuses on "disease management". Drugs and surgery are used to "manage" diseases. This has nothing to do with health. The drugs your Doctor can prescribe are generally laboratory-produced and frequently patented. Some are are similar to biological secretions but they are never identical. To be patented they must be 'amended' or changed slightly and therefore these drugs are not the same as the natural body chemical they are trying to simulate.

The other factor that conventional medicine completely fails to address is that humans—actually all life-forms for the matter— are not simply physical machines that simply have certain physical inputs and outputs with no other factors involved. Modern medicine is based on the diabolical assumption that life is an accident and is the result of nothing more than certain physical reactions, chemicals, and physical phenomena that have occurred by chance over the course of time. As a result of this ignorance we have ended up with an approach to health and nutrition that does not consider anything beyond the physical structure of the molecules we take in. So, with this line of thought, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) chemically synthesised in a test tube is exactly the same as vitamin C found in nature. Actually vitamin C does not generally exist as ascorbic acid in nature—rather it comes in the form of mineral ascorbates. This line of thought would also have us believe that chemically synthesised thyroid hormone is the same as what the body naturally produces. This just isn't how nature works.

If you are currently taking Thyroxine or any of the other artificial thyroxin's, we believe that most people can slowly wean off the medication over 3 to 6 weeks while supplementing with Thyrodine, Chlorella or Green Barley Grass and following a Biogenic nutritional program. All this is detailed in the Thyroid & Hormone Regeneration Program. Consultation with a naturopath or other biologically oriented therapist is also suggested. This is assuming that you have not had your thyroid surgically removed or destroyed with RAI treatment.

Armour or pig thyroid extract is an animal derivative that is also 'similar to' but not identical to the natural human thyroid hormone. There is also the possibility of Kreutzfeld-Jacob or mad cow disease in any animal tissues. And pigs are fed huge quantities of soy curd which is from genetically engineered soybeans that probably have been heavily sprayed.

Levothyroxine, another synthetic, causes up to 16% bone loss according to a study conducted at the University of Massachusetts recently.

Our Natural Solution:
The solution we prescribe in our clinic is: To avoid any synthetic hormones or animal tissues and utilise the Thyroid & Hormone Regeneration Program to restore thyroid function, naturally. Address nutritional deficiencies with supplementation using Chlorella, Green Barley Grass juice, or a good quality organic Live super-food formula. Incorporate a Biogenic nutritional program into your lifestyle. All these factors and many many more are covered in the Thyroid & Hormone Regeneration Program.

To learn more about the Thyroid & Hormone Regeneration Program please Click Here

If you have already read about the Thyroid & Hormone Regeneration Program and you are now ready to get the full program details, product list, ingredient info and pricing—and/or to place an order—then please .

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