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Checklists for Thyroid Disease symptoms
common to many thyroid disorders

The following tables represent many of the thyroid disease symptoms commonly experienced by those with thyroid disorders, including hypothyroid symptoms and other forms of thyroid disorder. This list can serve as an indication to whether or not you need to investigate further or start pursuing assistance from a good health practitioner.

We now have two lists common thyroid disease symptoms. The first particularly relates to hypothyroid symptoms yet it may also prove useful for those people experiencing hyperthyroid and other thyroid related disorders. The second checklist should be useful for most forms of thyroid disorder.
Each has a slightly different area of coverage so you may like to use them both for more comprehensive results.

Hypothyroidism Symptom Checklist

Print this checklist to see which symptoms you have that may indicate hypothyroidism.

  previous diagnosis of goiters/nodules   currently have a goiter
  treated for hypothyroidism in the past   have another autoimmune disease/viral infection
  history of miscarriage   part/all of thyroid removed due to cancer
  part/all of thyroid removed due to nodules   part/all of thyroid removed due to Graves' Disease/hyperthyroidism
  had radioactive iodine due to Graves' Disease/hyperthyroidism   had anti-thyroid drugs due to Graves' Disease/hyperthyroidism
  gaining weight inappropriately   unable to lose weight with diet/exercise
  constipation, sometimes severe   hypothermia / low body temperature
  fatigue, exhaustion   run down, sluggish, lethargic
  hair is coarse, dry, breaking, brittle   skin is coarse, dry, scaly and thick
  female hair loss   male baldness
  hoarse or gravely voice   puffiness, swelling around eyes and face
  pains, aches in joints, hands, feet   irregular menstrual cycles
  difficulty conceiving a baby   depression
  restlessness   moods change easily
  feelings of worthlessness   difficulty concentrating
  feelings of sadness   losing interest in daily activities
  pattern of putting other's needs first   feel "controlled" by others
  more forgetful lately   hair is falling out
  no sex drive   getting more frequent infections, that last longer
  shortness of breath, tightness in the chest   feel the need to yawn to get oxygen
  eyes feel gritty and dry   eyes feel sensitive to light
  get jumpy/tics in eyes, dizzy/vertigo, have headaches   strange feelings in neck or throat
  tinnitus (ringing in ears)   recurrent sinus infections
  vertigo   light-headedness
  severe menstrual cramps   have/may have sleep apnea

Ultimately you will need to give considering to how many of these symptoms you relate to and how severe the ones you relate actually are. To put a figure on thins, it could be said that if you have around 10 or more of these symptoms then in my opinion it would be wise to consider learning more about the Thyroid & Hormone Regeneration Program, thyroid disorders and hormone imbalance. Our Thyroid & Hormone Program has been used by a few thousand people in over 16 countries and it has shown itself to be very effective in assisting the body to eliminate many of the underlying causes of Thyroid disorders and to then restore thyroid function. It has also been administered to hundreds of "patients" in the clinic where it was developed and has been administered in independant clinics in other countries around the world.

The is—for many people—the natural solution to healing thyroid problems. I am so confident that you will receive real value and benefits from our Thyroid program that I give my personal "12 month money back Satisfaction Guarantee" on every program sold.

Here is another checklist that you may find useful - this has been copied from another website addressing thyroid disorders and can be helpful for those with all forms of thyroid disorder. I can not find notes as to the sources address so here's the form.

I have a family history of thyroid disease
I have had my thyroid "monitored" in the past to watch for changes
I had a previous diagnosis of goiters/nodules
I currently have a goiter
I was treated for hypothyroidism in the past
I had post-partum thyroiditis in the past
I had a temporary thyroiditis in the past
I have another autoimmune disease
I have had a baby in the past nine months
I have a history of miscarriage
I have had part/all of my thyroid removed due to cancer
I have had part/all of my thyroid removed due to nodules
I have had part/all of my thyroid removed due to Graves' Disease/hyperthyroidism
I have had radioactive iodine due to Graves' Disease/hyperthyroidism
I have had anti-thyroid drugs due to Graves' Disease/hyperthyroidism

These are some other factors that we have determined as potential causative factors in thyroid disorders:

I have amalgam fillings
I am exposed to radiation on an ongoing basis (computer monitors, x-ray machines etc)
The bulk of my water intake is unfiltered water that is treated and chlorinated (i.e.. most water from municipal water supplies)

The following are some of the conventionally accepted thyroid disease symptoms of hypothyroidism (as detailed by the Merck Manual, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and the Thyroid Foundation of America)

I am gaining weight inappropriately
I'm unable to lose weight with diet/exercise
I am constipated, sometimes severely
I have hypothermia/low body temperature (I feel cold when others feel hot, I need extra sweaters, etc.)
I feel fatigued, exhausted
Feeling run down, sluggish, lethargic
My hair is coarse and dry, breaking, brittle, falling out
My skin is coarse, dry, scaly, and thick
I have a hoarse or gravely voice
I have puffiness and swelling around the eyes and face
I have pains, aches in joints, hands and feet
I have developed carpal-tunnel syndrome, or it's getting worse
I am having irregular menstrual cycles (longer, or heavier, or more frequent)
I am having trouble conceiving a baby
I feel depressed
I feel restless
My moods change easily
I have feelings of worthlessness
I have difficulty concentrating
I have more feelings of sadness
I seem to be losing interest in normal daily activities
I'm more forgetful lately

I also have the following additional thyroid disease symptoms, which have been reported more frequently in people with hypothyroidism:

My hair is falling out excessively (resulting in overall hair loss)
I can't seem to remember things
I have no sex drive
I am getting more frequent infections, that last longer
I'm snoring more lately
I have/may have sleep apnea
I feel shortness of breath and tightness in the chest
I feel the need to yawn to get oxygen
My eyes feel gritty and dry
My eyes feel sensitive to light
My eyes get jumpy/tics in eyes, which makes me dizzy/vertigo and have headaches
I have strange feelings in neck or throat
I have tinnitus (ringing in ears)
I get recurrent sinus infections
I have vertigo
I feel some lightheadedness
I have severe menstrual cramps

An important aspect of health is that it generally takes an "unhealthy" body to create an unhealth thyroid. The health of your mind and emotions also play a greatly underestimated role in the health of your thyroid and whole body too. Recognising this, I have included a lot of key health & nutritional information in the Thyroid & Hormone Regeneration Program. This information is presented in a simply, honest, and inspiring form and has helped many people to gain a better understanding of what true health is really about and to then start applying these understandings into their daily life—resulting, for many, in a greatly improved outlook on life and a greatly improved state of health and vitality.

Please, don't let poor Thyroid and hormone function weigh you down any longer. Don't let poor health and a health destroying lifestyle and disease based medical system take its toll on your any longer that it has to. It can stop right now—so long as you make the necessary intelligent choices that will lead you into reclaiming your health and happiness.

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